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A Saudi establishment established in 2011 specialized in providing an integrated business system in media services.
  1. The hypermarket
    association services The hypermarket

    The praise of God Almighty opened the first branch of the Tawuniya hypermarket on Monday 26/8/1438 AH corresponding to 05/22/2017 AD in Wadi Bin Hashbal on an area of ​​more than 3300 square meters

  2. Veterinary Medicine
    association services Veterinary Medicine

    It is one of the association's projects in the agricultural sector. During this year 2021 AD, God willing, a veterinary center will be opened in Wadi Bin Hashbal

  3. Feed center
    association services Feed center

    It is one of the association's projects in the consumer sector and it is located in the northeast of Wadi Bin Hashbal and on an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters, where compound feeds and mineral salts are provided. Cattle breeders

  4. Fields indicative
    association services Fields indicative

    association's projects in the operation and maintenance sector, where a contract was signed with the Council of Cooperative Societies to implement the extension fields project in Wadi Bin Hashbal of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, where 14,000 seedlings were supplied and planted

  5. Wadi Bin Hashbal hypermarket
    association services Wadi Bin Hashbal hypermarket

    (العربية) نرحب بكم في موقع التعاونية هايبر ماركت ونشكر لكم مروركم ونتقبل ملاحظاتكم حيث أن التعاونية هايبر ماركت عبارة عن مركز تسوق وضع لخدمة منطقة وادي بن هشبل وما جاورها وهذا المركز يضم أكثر من 13000 صنف بداخله وجدت لرضى العميل

  6. Mothers of poultry in falaj
    association services Mothers of poultry in falaj

    It is one of the association's projects in the agricultural sector, where the association owns a poultry project (carnivorous mothers) in the province of Al-Aflaj on the main road in the province of Riyadh and Wadi Al-Dawasir on an area of ​​661,000 square meters. This project consists of 12 pens equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies for raising poultry mothers with a capacity of one hundred thousand mothers, and from It will produce approximately fourteen million hatching eggs per cycle